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Reducing Taxes

Taxes in retirement are optional, if you take the right steps now. You can reduce and even eliminate taxes in retirement. If you pay less tax in retirement, you have more income for what is important to you.

Eliminating Surcharges

Retirement and your Medicare plan go hand-in-hand. If you make "too much money" you can be charged more for your Medicare. But, you don't have to be. When your income is structured correctly, you can reduce or eliminate these charges.

Life-Time Income

The stock market goes and down, but your retirement income does not need to. You can plan your life-time income that will not be impacted by market volatility while still benefiting from the positive movement.

Tactically Managed Money

Would you like to have someone watching your money five days a week, eight hours a day, that has managed money for billionaires of our country? Now you can have that kind of management for your retirement.