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Do you have the NEW LIFE INSURANCE?

Living Benefits

The new life insurance allows you to use the death benefit while you are alive. In the event you are diagnosed with a significant illness or even have a long-term care event, you can use the death benefit to help pay for those events.

This is added on to the policies we offer at no additional cost to you. There can be lot of costs associated with getting sick that health insurance does not cover and if you have living benefits in your life insurance then you will have the means to pay those costs without dipping into your savings.

Tax-Free Retirement

You have likely heard of a Roth IRA or Roth 401K. These give you tax-free income in retirement because you pay taxes on the money you save. Life insurance can do the same thing, only better.

There are no contribution limitations. There are no income limits. There are not access limitations, There is no market risk.

Using life insurance as a part of your retirement strategy can increase your income by 60% to 80% a year, reduce your taxes by hundreds of thousands of dollars, and take market risk off the table.

Life Insurance is for the


If you die too soon...

The best form of life insurance to protect your family in the event you die too soon is term life insurance. This is the most affordable kind of life insurance. 

Not all term life insurance is created equal. You need to look at term life insurance policies that have living benefits and conversion privileges. 

We talked about living benefits up above but a conversion privilege means you can turn your term policy into a permanent policy without having to qualify for it.

Why is that important? If you are diagnosed with an illness it could prevent you from getting life insurance in the future. By having a policy that is convertible the insurance company is contractually required to give you a permanent policy no matter your health. 

The carriers we recommend have both living benefits and conversion options and often can issue a policy without requiring an exam and can get policies issued in a matter of weeks.

When you...

Permanent life insurance is for when something happens.

When you pass away.

When you have a long-term care need.

When you want to generate a tax-free retirement income.

"In this world nothing is certain except death and taxes." Ben Franklin

Permanent life insurance helps with both of those and it comes in many different forms and amounts.

Permanent life insurance can be a valuable asset to you and your family when used properly. 

Don't listen to the "financial experts" on the radio that speak poorly of permanent life insurance because they don't know your needs, goals, or situation.

We work with the best carriers in the country to help protect your family.

Reasons you may need life insurance...

Final Expenses

Income Replacement

Payoff the Mortgage

College Funding

Debt Repayment

Obtaining a Loan

Tax Mitigation

Estate Planning

Business Continuation

Tax-Free Retirement

Childcare & Home Care

Extended Health Care