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Real. Simple. Solutions.

Time to review your Medicare for 2022. We saved an average of $1,407 annually per client by reviewing their plan.

2022 Medicare Review

Our goal is to inform & educate our clients so they can make an informed and educated decision.

-Don Meyer, Co-Founder

Helping You Make the Right Choice

Whether it's Medicare or planning for retirement, Both Hands FG can show you how all of your insurance and investments need to work together to help you achieve your dream retirement. 

We make planning for your future simple.

We are active in managing our clients' plans to insure the plan continues to fulfill its purpose and make any adjustments along the way to help achieve your financial goals.


Imagine working with advisors that eliminate the complexity of planning and focus on you.


There is lots to be confused by when planning for your future, but you don't have to be confused. We remove the uncertainty and provide clarity in your planning.


Your goals are our passion. We focus on achieving those goals. Since we use both insurance and investments, we can utilize what makes the most sense for you.

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