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Medicare is the single biggest decision that will impact your retirement

A free review could save you thousands.


Selecting the right Medicare plan is one of the most important decisions you will face when you get to retirement.

You can't afford to get it wrong.


That depends...

This is one of the most asked questions we hear. The answer depends on your specific situation. Are you retired or currently working? Are you already taking Social Security? Will you continue to work and stay on the group plan?

You want to make sure you sign up at the right time for Medicare to get your benefits and avoid paying a lifetime of penalties. To answer your question about your situation, contact us and we can guide you through this process.

It can vary...

This common question depends on your specific situation. If you are already taking your Social Security income, you don't have to do anything.

If you are not taking Social Security, you are going to need to enroll into Medicare and you may be able to do this online. If you are still working, you are going to have to do some paperwork, as will your employer.

There is a big difference...           

These plans vary based on where you live so contact one of our local agents to get more specifics. 

In many areas, Medicare Advantage plans include drug coverage and have no premium. That's right. You pay nothing. When you go to the doctor or the hospital you will be responsible for a portion of your medical bills up to a point. We call this the "pay as you go" plan. 

Medicare Supplements do not come with a drug plan so you have to purchase one of those in addition to the Medicare Supplement plan. With these you have a premium each month and those vary based on where you live. Depending on the plan you select you will have a small annual deductible and a possible co-pay but then after that, no medical bills. This makes it really easy to budget.

It could cost you...

If you don't sign up for Medicare at the correct time then you could have a penalty added to your Part B and Part D premiums that will never go away. So, best to avoid those lifetime penalties.

Also, if you don't enroll at the correct time you could miss your one-time guaranteed enrollment into any Medicare Supplement plan you want. Outside of your initial enrollment period you will have to qualify for a Medicare Supplement based on your health. 

We don't charge you a fee.

We work with all the major Medicare companies in the country and when we help someone sign up for a plan through one of the companies, that company pays us a commission.  

You will never have to write us a check for our service.

If another agent ever tries to charge you a fee they are breaking the law.

Call us first...

Any time you have a Medicare question or concern, call us first. We may be able to answer your question or provide you with guidance on how to handle the situation. We are your advisors and are here to serve you.

Every single year we will review your plan to make sure it is the right for you for the next year.

Even though things may not have changed with you, your plan could have made changes that could cost you.


Every single year we will review your Medicare health plan. This free service we offer our clients is to make sure your health care cost are kept as low as possible. We saved an average of $1,407 annually per client by performing these reviews. 

We have saved some people more than $20,000 a year on their medications. Don't forget to review your plan with us.