Whose hand are you holding?

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by: Cory Carlton

We do lots of planning for people. Often times focused on their future. 

For some, that future is retirement. For others that are not close to that stage in life so we’re helping them as their families grow, or their businesses, or dream of owning some land at some point. 

When we start working with someone we get to know them. We ask questions.

Then we ask more questions. Why? Because we want to make sure we understand what’s important to your heart. 

When we ask people what they want to do in retirement we get the usual answers…

  • Travel
  • See family
  • Golf
  • Get into a new hobby

There’s nothing wrong with those answers. They’re just general. 

We want you to be able to paint a picture for us that puts us there with you. Not in reality but we want to be able to see it. We want to be able to feel the breeze. 

So, when you’re thinking about your future, think of it this way?

Where exactly are you going to go?

The mountains? Which ones? Are you going to ski down or climb up? Either way, what are you going to do when you reach the top?

Others like to go to the beach. Which beach? In which country? What color do you want the sand to be? Are you going to step in the water and watch the waves crash over your feet and watch as you sink in the sand?

Let’s say you want to think about that dream of getting some land. What are you going to do with it? Are you going to build a house? What kind? Lots of people like small houses or even container homes these days. Maybe that’s not your style. Maybe a tiny home isn’t big enough for your family.

Will you have some animals there? What about a garden? 

Take the same train of thought with anything in your future. You can do it with your business, too. Or a hobby. Anything.

But here’s the most important question: Whose hand will you be holding? Or hands. 

Because the most important part of our future is who we do it with. 

So, think about what’s next for you. Really think about it. Get a clear vision of what it’s going to look like. Then make sure you know exactly who is going to be by your side.

For many people, their spouse will be holding their hand. For others, it’s kids or grandkids, or even great-grandkids. 

Maybe you will watch the waves break over the feet of your grandchildren. Maybe you’ll stand next to your kids as you break ground on that farmhouse you’ve been dreaming of. 

When thinking, and planning, for your future get specific in what you’re envisioning. Make it real. 

Be able to close your eyes and feel the breeze on your face or the water on your toes. Or a little hand squeezing yours. 

These things should be important to your advisor. They’re important to us.