The Ultimate Gift That Keeps on Giving - Even After You're Gone

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by: Cory Carlton

Have you ever wondered how estate planning is a lot like gift-giving? No? Well, strap in, because we're about to embark on a treat that's hard to beat with holiday-filled metaphors.

Welcome to the world of "Estate-tacular" gift-giving and get-togethers!

1. The Guest List: Who's on Your Wishlist?

Just like putting together a killer Christmas party, estate planning starts with the ultimate guest list. Consider it the VIP invite to your wealth and assets. Who makes the cut? Well, your spouse and kids are a given, generally. But you may want to include close friends or that random cousin who seems to always make it to Christmas even though they live 8 hours away.

Planning your estate is no different. You include only the people you want and no one can say humbug about it, when done right.

2. The Perfect Wrapping: A Revocable Living Trust

What's a gift without some fancy wrapping paper? In estate planning, we call that wrapping paper a revocable living trust, or trusts for short. Trusts are like the high-end, glittery paper, reinforced with Kevlar that protects your assets from the elements (and by elements, we mean creditors, probate. taxes, and a whole slew of things that could be a grinch).

We think of these elements like the sticker that comes on a nice gift. A trust makes sure that when you peel that sticker off it doesn't leave that annoying trail of torn paper behind. You know what I'm talking about.

3. The Surprise Inside: Inheritance Shenanigans

When you unwrap a gift, there's always that moment of suspense – what's inside? Estate planning is no different. Your heirs are in for a treat, whether it's the family vacation home, the vintage car collection, or the secret stash of comic books you've been hiding. The trick is to make sure the surprise doesn't turn into a shock.

Unlike your gift wrapping, you want full transparency for everyone so they know what's coming down the chimney. A trust will take care of that plump felling scooting through a narrow shaft. Works like magic.

4. The Regifting Dilemma

Ever get a gift you didn't quite know what to do with? Maybe a decorative bowl that just didn't match your aesthetic? Fear not! Estate planning allows you to be the ultimate regifter by leaving a portion of your estate to charitable causes. It's like passing on that bowl to someone who really appreciates the art of fruit display.

Have you ever opened a present and noticed someone else looking a little bummed they didn't get the same thing? Well, if you want, you can make sure in your estate plan that gift goes to that person when you're done with it and no one can fight over it.

5. Avoiding Family Feuds: The Gift of Peace

Remember that time Aunt Mildred fought Cousin Bob over who got Grandma's antique tea set? Yeah, estate planning with a trust can help avoid those family feuds. It's the gift of peace, ensuring that your loved ones can mourn your loss without simultaneously battling over your favorite collection of rare postage stamps.

So there you have it – estate planning is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. From the meticulous guest list to the careful wrapping with trusts, it's the present you'll never actually see unwrapped. So, why not embrace the humor in the legalities, and make sure your legacy is as entertaining as your holiday shenanigans? Happy Christmas!