Did you miss the last "big investment" that would have changed your life?

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by: Cory Carlton

Life’s full of things that we wished we had taken advantage of. Especially when it comes to saving and investing for retirement.

People often kick themselves for not being early adopters and missing the big opportunity in things link Apple. I know a guy that bought into Apple when it was $15 a share and then he sold it all when it hit $30 a share. At the time he was stoked, not so much now.

What about Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Tesla, or the most recent money maker, Bitcoin?

In hindsight, we know that investing in these would have been a good idea and made a huge impact on the future.

So, what is the next big thing that you would want to know about, so you don’t miss out on another great opportunity?

It’s called Kai-Zen. It’s not a company for you to invest in or stock to buy. It’s a 7702 plan and here is what it does for its contract holders…

Gives 60% - 80% at least more income in retirement.

Savings hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement.

Zero market risk.

No contribution limitations.

No income maximums.

No legislative risk.

Often, when people don’t try something new it is because most of us just want to keep doing what we know and are comfortable with. If you keep doing the same thing and expect different results, you’ll be disappointed. 

Kai-Zen uses a product that has been around a long time that can have a ton of value and benefit for those that harness its power…

The question we often hear after telling people about this is “Why have I not heard about this?”

There are a few reasons.

First off, most people only ever use their corporate 401K to save for retirement and these plans are not available in 401Ks. Most people just use what is provided and don’t ever do their own research. 

Another reason is that there are “financial experts” that have negative things to save about permanent life insurance. There are several reasons these “financial experts” say what they do but the fact is they give blanket advice for everyone instead of specific advice for individuals. And, their advice is usually for helping people start saving and getting out of debt.

Not growing well, or minimizing taxes, or having a strategic income plan.

The next reason is that lots of investment advisors want all your money invested in the market. That’s where they make their money, and they don’t want you putting your money in other financial products.

Insurance and investments are meant to work together, not battle one another. That’s why we do both for our clients.

Who should consider this?

High-income earners.

People saving over their match in their 401K.

People who make too much to save in a Roth.

People looking to make up for lost time.

Those who want to minimize taxes in retirement.

People that want to grow their money without risk.

Those who believe taxes will be higher in the future than they are now.

Those that are concerned about congress changing the rules to retirement.

People looking for another place to save money.

If you’re open-minded to looking at another way to give you tens of thousands of dollars more in annual income in retirement and save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, we should talk. We can talk for 10 minutes and can give you answers and figure out if this is something that may be good for you.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cory Carlton is the Co-Founder & CEO of Both Hands FG. He specializes in 7702 plans and helping people get closer to their goals for retirement. Insurance and investments are meant to work together and that is why we help our clients with both here at BHFG. These plans are not right for everyone but Cory has the expertise to evaluate all options available and custom-build plans to fit each client's needs and goals.