Before The Story

Inspiration_picThe story of Both Hands Financial Group began for both founders back in 2006. Don Meyer went on a mission trip to the smallest country in Europe, called Moldova. While there working at an orphanage, Don met a young boy at the orphanage who was in need of a home. So Don and his family decided to adopt that young boy along with his three other siblings. Don’s family grew overnight from five to nine.

Adopting a child, let alone four, is no easy or cheap undertaking. The adoption cost per child was astounding. One day, an old colleague of Don’s, who had adopted a daughter from China not long before, came to him with an idea as to how to raise the money to adopt these four siblings.

“Let’s write letters to our families and friends and ask them to sponsor us as we repair a widow’s home and all of the donations will go to your family to help pay for the adoption.”

And with that first project, a widow received the very much needed repairs to her home, $55,000 was raised and Don’s family added four more.

That first project lead to the creation of Both Hands Foundation that to date has raised more than $6,000,000, repaired more than 600 widows’ homes, and helped more than 600 orphans find their forever home.

The other founder of Both Hands Financial Group, Cory Carlton, also went to Moldova in 2006. He and Don did not know each other at that time but both found themselves in the poorest country in Europe working with orphans. Cory spent his days in Moldova building a transition home for girls for when they must leave the orphanage and almost completely rebuilding a home for three older orphans whose parents had died and left only a small house to their children.

Cory returned to Moldova two more times and continued to work with orphans and on other construction projects.

For Don and Cory, looking after orphans and widows started many years ago and they have built Both Hands Financial Group with the same beliefs and principles that took them to Moldova in 2006. One hand for the widows and one hand for the orphans continues to guide Both Hands Financial Group with one hand for insurance and one hand for investments.

James 1: 27 – “Pure and undefiled religion before our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained by the world.”

Don Meyer

Don Meyer grew up in Wisconsin on a dairy farm. So hard work is part of Don’s DNA. Wisconsin was Don’s home all the way through college where he graduated from the University of Wisconsin. While Don loved growing up on a dairy farm, he wanted to do something else, so he started working for a company selling books door-to-door for the summer. Six days a week and 14 hours a day walking in the hot summer sun. Most people didn’t finish the summer selling let alone go back for another seven years like Don did. Selling books door-to-door is where Don found his passion for helping people. No matter what, Don wanted help anyone and everyone he came across.

That desire lead Don to finding his first job in the insurance industry selling long term care insurance. To this day, long term care remains one of his biggest passions. That’s because of Don’s grandfather. Don’s grandfather was diagnosed with dementia, which is a very nasty disease, and his family was not prepared for it. There was no one there to council his family in a time of need. So, Don has dedicated his career to helping and counseling families in the areas of insurance and investments so that others do not have to go through what Don’s family went through.

Don has 7 children and one grandchild and enjoys spending time with his family, grilling, volunteering at church and Both Hands Foundation projects.

Cory Carlton

Cory Carlton grew up in middle Tennessee, attended Franklin High School and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University. He and his wife met while preparing for one of their mission trips to Moldova.

While in college, Cory worked for a New York Times Bestselling author and Christian musician, mainly in customer service. This is where Cory’s passion to help people and provide exceptional service started. It was not until after his third mission trip to Moldova that Cory decided to get into a career in the insurance industry. He wanted to help people and make sure the proper planning and protection was in place for a family during trying times.

Cory and his wife, Emily, were married in May 2011 and had their first daughter in December 2015. Cory enjoys spending time with his family and trying to channel is inner fixer upper abilities.

One hand for the widow, one hand for the orphan.


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